Numerous stickers ! Touch to tales of old Japan

Numerous stickers ! Touch to tales of old Japan

*This app is no longer available*

<Basic Information>
The fouth TG-kids Appication "Numerous stickers ! Touch to tales of old Japan" Storytelling Appication for children of the lower grades from preschool You can learn to touch,listen and play!
Free the old tales which touch,listen and play with stickers Please try it now!

As I encounter the words and events of many in the old tales, interest and concern to the various things we will be growing.
Children will be to receive the wisdom of the past that has been handed down in the old tales, go learn kindness and compassion, as well as courage.
In addition, the old tales picture book text and picture are integrated, children's imagination will spread to rich.
Turn this love children, experience with story-telling will continue to lead them to the world of reading.

= Features =
<Numerous stickers ! Storytelling fun>
Of course, in the old tales picture book, I can anywhere in the appication even put stickers you wherever you wish!
We offer a reward, such as seal children love the seal also, as play, papa and mama such as those Praise, the seal of dozens.
There is also a sticker's picture book for children who want a dedicated paste the full seal numerous stickers.

<Application storytelling that was particular about a genuine article>
Something of the past, illustrator and writer of professional make up, based on the old tale that has been handed down from ancient times in each district of the State!
Let's search of tales where your grandpa and grandma live!  Please enjoy it with the children.

We are also involved in the narration recording by voice actor and actor a professional story-telling.
There is also a solo performance of storytelling, but the sense of drama is full narration roles in several people!

<Point system that the obtained enough play>
We are able to replace the seal and old tales to get points when you purchase the old tale, and earn points!
In addition, points will also earn it or launch the app every day and invite your friends. Let's accumulate points by inviting your friend a lot!
(※When you use your points, you need to register for user.

<Let's play in any terminal by performing a user registration!>
If a terminal that has the same user registration, you can play in the same state, even the iPhone,iPad.
At your home, Reading by the big screen,iPad and you can read on the iPhone when you go out.
In addition, it will play in the same state in terminal of Android, you can respond to your circumstances of terminal use of your home.

< Adding the old story picture book >
We will release new old stories of each region, stickers picture book, stickers and more on a regular basis.

< our old stories >
The Six Jizo (kasajizo)  Iwate Prefecture  Free
The Moon Princess (kaguyahime)  Nara Prefecture  Free

The Rolling Rice Ball (omusubikororin) Aomori Prefecture
The Dragon in Inba Like (inbanumanoryu) Chiba Prefecture
One Inch Boy (itsunboushi) Nigata Prefecture
The Straw Millionaire (warashibechojya) Hyogo Prefecture
The Peach Boy -Momotaro- (monotaro) Okayama Prefecture
The Ghost Jizo (obakejizo) Ehime Prefecture
The Battle Between Crab And Ape (sarukamigasen) Fukuoka Prefecture
The Candle Of Chikuwa (chikuwarosoku) Kumamoto Prefecture and more