When I grow up! AR NinjaHero ME!

When I grow up! AR NinjaHero ME!

*This app is no longer available*

Enter the Ninja! Become the star in your own ninja action movie!

Welcome to the set of the "Ninja Hero" movie!
You're the star of the show, and will enter enemy ninja bases, and defeat them with throwing stars!
Transform yourself into a ninja, and fight for justice!

This is the latest in the TG Kids AR series, "When I Grow Up!," and is targeted towards preschool and elementary school students.
Through becoming a ninja hero on a movie set, children will learn the power of imagination and creativity.

When I Grow Up!
The TG Kids series lets children experience jobs that they can do when they grow up!
Children can learn important social values as they experience them through play.
The features of the games are based on real life, and their experiences are enhanced with the use of AR technology to superimpose graphics over what the camera sees.

Game Features
Take a picture of yourself! Transform into a ninja! Your father or brother can change into a samurai or a boss.
Easy to pick up and play for children of all ages.
Earn a variety of trophies as well as ninja outfits! Collect them all and become the Master Ninja!
Share pictures of your child as a ninja via Facebook and Twitter.
By changing the language on your device, you can play in either English or Japanese! Great for early foreign language education.
Child friendly, with no advertising banners or in-app-purchases.