When I grow up! AR firefighter ME!

When I grow up! AR firefighter ME!

*This app is no longer available*

Fight fires and rescue survivors from the blaze using your iPhone!

Become a fireman and extinguish fires by moving your device around like a fire hose!
Now is your chance to put out fires like a real fireman!
Use the camera to capture yourself as a fireman and rescue the civilians trapped in the blaze.

The 5th game in the TG Kids series, children can learn as the play using Augmented Reality (AR) to move the device around as if holding a fire hose!
Move the device around to search for fires and then hold it still over the blaze to fire a jet of water and put the fire out.

When I Grow Up!
TG Kids series let's children experience jobs that they can do when they grow up!
Children can learn important social values as they experience through play.
All the features of the games are based on real life and their experiences in the game are enhanced with the use of AR technology to superimpose graphics over what the camera sees.

Game Features
Change yourself into a Firefighter, Commander and Survivor using the device's camera to put on the uniforms!
Move the device around like a hose with simple and intuitive controls.
Complete tasks to receive trophies and new uniforms. Can you become a legendary firefighter with all the trophies?
Share photos of yourself as a fireman directly on Facebook and Twitter.
Supports English and Japanese languages.
Child friendly with no advertising banners or in-app-purchases.