When I grow up! AR Animal Photographer ME!

When I grow up! AR Animal Photographer ME!

*This app is no longer available*

Look, there's a lion in the grass ! Don't miss it!

Animal photographer is your job to taket pictures of wild animals while savannah and jungle adventure.
Move to various locations or take a photo carefully. I never miss a best shot!
Change to a photographer! Don't forget your camera and uniform. Let's get started!

The 6th game in the TG Kids series, "When I Grow Up! AR Amimal Photographer!"For from preschool children to children in the lower grades.
You're an animal photographer! Let's have an adventure of savannah and jungle! Probably You'll be interreted in Nature and Animal for taking a photo of wiid animals. 

When I Grow Up!
TG Kids series let's children experience jobs that they can do when they grow up!
Children can learn important social values as they experience through play.
All the features of the games are based on real life and their experiences in the game are enhanced with the use of AR technology to superimpose graphics over what the camera sees.

Game Features
Take a picture right now! Change to a photographer with uniform! Your father and brother can be guides.
Let's take a picture of animal more and more easier! It's a simple operation.no complex menu and descriptions.
If it fulfills certain conditions, You'll get trophies and uniforms.Can you become a legendary photographer with all the trophies?
Would you mind sharing the children's good pictures of animal on Facebook and Twitter?
Only you change "language" in the menu on your smartphone and tablet,it's possible to play in Japanese and English. It's useful for "The early foreign language teaching". 
Child friendly with no advertising banners or in-app-purchases.